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AI & Coding Program

Complete information on AI & Coding concepts with 24-hour access to study materials, illustrations, video lessons, code editors and project kits. Seamless login and uninterrupted experiential learning environment on our LMS Platform.

Learning Management System with student, teacher and principal dashboards

Live/Video Lectures, Screencast Videos

Live Gamified Activities

In-built Scratch & Python Code Editors. Color-coded drag and drop block-based code editors. Voice-over and Text Syntax corrector

Project Assistance, Hackathons, Certifications & Awards

AI Concept Books – Pictographic Books for Future Techies

Machine Learning for Children – Experiment with DIY Projects

Train the Trainer – Teacher Training Courses by our Master Trainers

Subject Integration

Scratch Code Editor
AI & Coding for Grade 1 to 12
Python Code Editor
Students' Performance Tracker
Illustrated Books for Young Learners
Robotics Courses with Kits
Library of AI Projects for Practice



Coding at an early age offers children the opportunity to develop their Cognitive skills and improve their Logical reasoning, Critical thinking and Problem-solving skills.

There are many meaningful ways to engage primary school children with coding activates like creating their own coding stories as they are naturally drawn to adventurous experiences where they can explore movement, direction and location

Few Examples

Designing Treasure map
Recreating Favourite Scenes
Playing Games
Solving Puzzles

Learning Outcomes

Learning simple programming languages
Learning to use block commands in the correct sequence
Enhance their creativity through coding activities, experiments and games

Progress of their learning will be assessed through puzzles and games. The program is adaptive in nature with personalised learning curve for each child. Each child will have to complete a level to unlock further levels with higher complexities.

Students of Grade 4 & 5 will create fun apps like

Pac man
Ping-pong ball

The skills acquired in the coding program will offer a strong foundation to further help them progress with Artificial Intelligence program in the higher grades.

Approx. 46 sessions of 40 mins each.
Total 30.5 hours each grade each year.


Grades Artificial Intelligence Subject Integration Coding AI
Grades 6

Basic 1

  • Excite
  • Relate
  • AI for Good
  • English (A Tale of Two Birds)
  • Science (The Living Organisms)
  • Math (Symmetry)
  • Social (Panchayati Raj)
  • Introduction to Scratch Coding
  • Motion & Looks
  • Sound, Event & Controls
  • Operators & Sensing
  • Variables & Lists
  • Assessment
Al based Machine Learning
Activities - Block Based
Grades 7

Basic 2

  • Excite
  • Relate
  • AI for Good & Purpose
  • English (An Alien Hand)
  • Science (Climate and Weather)
  • Math (Data Handling)
  • Social (Inside Our Earth)
  • Introduction
  • Motion & Looks
  • Variables & Lists
  • Sound, Event & Events
  • Sensing & Operators
  • My Blocks & Extensions
  • Assessment
Al based Machine Learning
Activities - Block Based
Grades 8

Intermediate 1

  • Excite
  • Relate
  • Purpose
  • Possibilities
  • AI Ethics
  • English (The Tsunami)
  • Science (Microorganisms)
  • Math (Direct and Indirect Proportion)
  • Social (How, When & Where)
  • Python Overview
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Assessment
Al based Machine
Learning - Python Projects
Grades 9

Intermediate 2

  • Intermediate l
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural nerwork
  • AI Project Cycle
  • English (The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost)
  • Science (Physics Sound)
  • Math (Probability)
  • Social (Poverty)
  • Python Basics
  • Data Structures
  • List
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • Assessment
Al based Machine
Learning - Python Projects
Grades 10

Advanced 1

  • Intermediate 2
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Science & Evaluation
  • English (How to tell Wild Animals)
  • Science (Metals and Non-metals)
  • Math (Introduction to Trigonometry)
  • Social (Water Resources)
  • Python Basic & Python Advanced
  • Data Sciences & Computer Vision
Al based Machine
Learning - Python Projects
Grades 11-12

Advanced 2

  • Introduction
  • Maths for AI
  • Data Analysis
  • AI Applications & Methodologies
  • AI Values
  • Story telling
  • Python Basic & Advanced
  • Data Sciences
  • Data Analysis
  • Regression
  • Clustering
  • Detecting AI Bias
Al based Machine
Learning - Python Projects
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